Since the memorial is going to be sited in Cavalry Crescent is has to be sympathetic to the other memorials around it.

The stone is Midnight Black Granite which will be coning from India. Once cut, shaped and polished it will stand almost 7ft out of the ground at its highest point.
It will sit on a plinth approximately 3 inches high.

In the granite will be an oval hole approximately 2 1/2ft high and 2ft wide.

Looking like it is free floating mounted on 2″ thick glass rods will be our Prussian Eagle made by the Artist Alan Williams. Alan specialises in creating sculptures from reclaimed materials and he has agreed to use tank parts to create the Hawk. See his website for more information about Alan.
The hawk will be powder coated black once finished and the Crown,  Orb and Sceptre gold leafed. The monument will be facing The Armed Forces Memorial which will be visible through the hole in which the Hawk will stand. An amazing feature which will only enhance our presence. 

1420h rendered hawkThis image is the 3D hawk used to create
30 925 Sterling silver brooches sold to raise funds

The monument will be engraved with the Royal Cypher, Crossed Kukries to represent our affiliation to 6 Gurkha Rifles and all will be then Gold leafed.